World Cup Pools

Office Pools for the FIFA World Cup

Choose Men's or Women's World Cup Pool

Men's World Cup Pools

Play both the Group stage and Knockout stage or exclude the Group stage and only play the Knockout bracket. In the group stage, you rank teams in order of their finish position and earn points for correct picks. The knockout stage is played like a traditional elimination bracket.

Women's World Cup Pool

Game play is identical to the Men's World Cup Pool with an optional Group stage where you rank the order that teams finish and earn points for correct picks, and a Knockout stage played like a traditional eliminaton bracket.

World Cup Pool Features

  • Two Stages: Group Stage (optional) and Knockout Stage
  • Optional Bonus Points for Perfect Groups Ranks in the Group Stage
  • Traditional Bracket Format for the Knockout Stage
  • Championship Game Total Goal Guess for Tie-Break
  • Standings Page Shows Points Earned in Each Stage and Total
  • View Other User Picks After the Deadline